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Have had a 42D62U for almost two years now. While I've been pretty happy with this set, there has been one issue that has been bugging me for a while now. I've noticed that the set has developed two vertical lines running down the screen, as if they were framing a 4:3 picture on the screen. Two shots of the problem:

(with the problem lines highlighted)

I thought at first it was burn-in, and had the TV unplugged and powered off during a two-week vacation this past summer to see if that would get rid of the issue, but the issue persisted. I don't if it's a bad case of burn-in, or the banding issue that is apparently common Sharp models, but it's really driving me crazy. I'm pretty sure that this issue is cause by my family watching a lot of 4:3 TV on this set (they just can't get enough Comedy Central and Cartoon Network), but stretching 4:3 channels for awhile didn't do anything to fix the problem either. Since I've had it for two years and don't have the original box, I don't know if I can return it or get it exchanged. Anybody have any suggestions or solutions for this problem?
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