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4:3 progressive tube TV under 100 lb?

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Can someone recommand a good 4:3 progressive tube TV under 100lb? Prefer a 32" or larger. I already have a widescreen rptv & think a 4:3 tube will do better for 4:3 material.

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Most 32" I've looked at pushed the weight past or around 140. You could get a 27" model that supports 480p around 100 lbs but that, too, you've to look around to find a deal. 27" is not small, but it's definitely not too big; it's the right size. At 32", I personally think, that more flaws start to appear and it's annoying because you have to sit a bit farther back than 27". But if you want 32", you have to compromise with 130-140+ lbs.
Wouldn't 32" non-flat CRT fall under 100 lb? Anyone has a good, 32", < 100lb CRT to share his/her experience?
if it's non-flat, it's non-progressive I'll warrant.
I really would not try to base my decision of what TV to buy on the wieght

surely you can find someone to help carry the TV

if it were a 300 or 400 Lb TV, then this is understandable

but 100 lbs is really not that much
I guess this is just my personal preference to have it under 100 lb. My wife & I recently bought a few furnitures & wash carpet on our own. After this experience of moving stuff, we decided on not buying any item over 100 lb as much as we can. She is small and can't really lift that much weight. Some items are just too big & heavy to be lifted on my own.

So I guess no one owns a good 32" Tv that fits my requirements....
I doubt you will find any 32" that is under 100 lbs. My SD Toshiba 32" is 144 pounds, the Sony's are around 150--165lbs depending on the model (flatscreens.) My old Samsung 27" was closer to 100lbs. I would say that would be as large as you can go on a tube and stay under the weight limit.

Honestly though, how often do you move your TV? Even if your cleaning carpets, I can't imagine you'd do that more than twice a year. I think you could arrange for help one those rare occaisions. Better yet, get a TV stand with wheels so you can just roll it out of the way when you need to.
maybe you should just forget about image quality, spend the extra money, and buy a Flat Panel Plasma or LCD

this is not realistic, to blame your carpet shampooing needs on buying a light weight TV

even my 30" Sony that weights 150lbs, and I could move if I needed

off subject (any reason you need to shampoo the carpet, whatever happened to simply vacuuming)

or get the TV stand with wheels
Even my 10 year old analog Sony 27" set weighs a little more than 100# - I could barely drag it by myself. A 32" is going to weigh more.
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