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4*40 vfd - need a reasonable price

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I'm in the process of an HTPC design and I'd like to use a 4*40 vfd display. Yeah, I know there are LCDs but vfd just has the look.

Does anyone have a source for these? I got a quote from Digikey for a Noritake CU40045SCPB-W1J. Good news is the price is high enough I wouldn't have to pay handling charges. The bad news is $306. yes, that's right, $306.00!
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I have been admiring the Noritake VFDs myself, particularly the new graphic 800 series. I really like the color and the graphics capability. I haven't found another VFD that can do graphics like an LCD.

I hate to imagine what the 800 series costs.:rolleyes: And I wanted more than one display. Their website does seem like they cater more to companies than the average enthusiast. But then, I looked at them on a recommendation from one of the LCD driver sites.

You might want to read this thread over at the HardOCP forums about a 2x20 VFD:

It's a surplus unit pulled from medical equipment, being sold through BG Micro. It can be connected through either your parallel port (It emulates an HD44780 controller chip, which is what most LCDs use) or connected through the serial port (Serial port connections require custom programs, because the VFD has it's own protocol for serial communication. Uller has said that he will support this VFD in LCD Driver v2). At $20 (plus $6 shipping) you can't really go wrong. Just be forewarned that it is rather large. Someone said that it was as wide as a DVD case is tall, so it will not fit in a drive bay.
I was planning on a custom front panel to fit the 4*40. They have several 2*30 and 2*40 that are well under $100. Apparently the 4*40 I'm looking at is new. There is a older, larger character 4*40. I couldn't figure how to get it to fit side by side with a DVD player in a case less than 20" wide though.
try www.matrixorbital.com. They have it for about 120.00 USD
I got one of the BG Micro Vfds he was talking about. Its big which is good so you can read it from far away plus its dead cheap. Even if you don't think yo will use it you should get one cause where else are you gonna find such a big vfd for 20bucks.
I can't find a 4*40 vfd at MartixOrbital's site. They have a LCD but LCDs don't look anything like a vfd.

Yes, I know I can get a 2*20/2*40 for much less. I'm looking for a 4*40 vfd for a reasonable price.
I hate the matrix orbital site - not real user friendly...

Here is the link for the VFDs
At that link all I see is a 4*20, 2*20, and another 4*20. No 4*40.:(
My apologies, should have read your post more carefully....
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