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Hey guys, created a new account to whine about my HDMI issues that I've been trying to sort through
for the past six weeks.

Here's the scoop. My primary TV is 1080i native CRT. She's a Toshiba 34HF34 with a beautiful picture
and I'm not ready to get rid of her yet. It has a single HDMI in that is HDMI 1.1, HDCP 1.1, and E-EDID 1.3.
My HDMI sources consist of a digital TV box (old one was Pace but I just upgraded to a Motorola one), a
Panasonic DMP-60 ? Blu-Ray player, and a Western Digital TV-Live media player. I have all of these connected
to a $50 HDMI switch and have absolutely NO issues with switching between devices.

For sound, I'm using a Logitech Z-5500 5.1 speaker system. Awhile ago I noticed a huge loss in bass output
and determined that the amp is dying. YES!!!!! Great excuse to get an awesome new home theatre receiver
and start getting some REAL home theatre equipment. This is where the frustration began.

First receiver I bought was a SONY STRDN 1050. It could sync to my TV and I could use the on screen menus
but it was horribly glitchy switching between HDMI inputs. I kept loosing video and having to power cycle
things in certain order to get picture back. Brought it back to the store and exchanged it for a Pioneer VSX-1124-K.

Once I got home I connected everything to the VSX-1124-K but could not get picture on my TV. I disconnected
everything except the single HDMI link between receiver and TV. Could not get video at all. Returned to store
and got full refund.

Since all my HDMI equipment works fine together with my old switch, I started thinking that these $500 receivers
were just low end junk. So I went to another store and bought a Marantz SR-5009. This time I started out by
connecting just the TV and receiver. You guess it - no freaking HDMI sync to my TV. So I connected my HDMI
gaming monitor to it so I could start changing settings. Absolutely fell in love with the unit and the sound quality
even with my crappy Z-5500 speakers (minus the busted sub). For weeks I tried everything I could think of to
get it working. Even bought a Dr. HDMI E-DID emulator and was able to get it to sync with the TV using that.
However, switching between inputs screwed everything up just like with the Sony and I would have to start
power cycling devices to get display back.

I very reluctantly returned it and exchanged for yet another receiver, hoping by some miracle to find a receiver
that works good with my TV. Got an Onkyo 737. This one would work with my TV without the Dr. HDMI
and I could use the on-screen menus. However, once I connect a single HDMI source to the receiver, whether
it's the blu-ray, TV box, or WD TV-Live, sync fails no picture again.

I put it aside in disgust for two weeks. I had tried everything. CEC disabled on all units, Correct video resolution
set, tried routing all audio over digital coax and/or fiber optic instead of HDMI thinking that newer digital audio
and ARC stuff was the culprit to the handshaking issues since my old TV has crappy audio support. No go.

Then one day my TV box starts outputting horribly pixelated video - it's dying. Cable company stops by the next
weekend with a new box - this one is a Motorola. Works great. Then I had the stupid idea that the dying digital
TV box had been the source of all my HDMI issues with all those different receivers. Well today I tried out the
Onkyo 737 again with the Motorola. Efff. My. Life. Completely unusable with any HDMI device.

Note that all receivers worked and switched fine when connected to my HDMI gaming panel. Just not with my
particular TV. However, my TV works great with anything other than a receiver connected to it! And my $50
HDMI switch works WAAAAY better than $1000 receivers I've been wasting time with. Such a disappointment.

I think I'm just going to buy another set of logitech speakers for sound and then wait 5 years before a 4K TV
purchase makes any sense. Anyways that's my story. Hope someone at least gets a chuckle out of it.
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