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Here's my current setup (comments/suggestions welcomed):

Display: Sanyo PLV-Z2 on 72" DIY screen

AVR: Denon 3805

Main Speakers: Energy C-5

Center Speaker: Energy C-C1

Surrounds: Energy C-3

Subwoofer: Velodyne DPS12

Source Component 1: Bell ExpressVu HD Box

Source Component 2: Xbox 360 + HD-DVD add-on

Shakers: 2 Aura pro bass shakers

Shaker amp: Old Yamaha AVR


1. Doable screen hanging. I have my doable board cut and ready, but need to frame it and hang it, this should be complete next week.

2. Build hanging shelf for projector. This should be complete the week after the screen is hung.

3. Calibrate projector. Once my screen and projector are in a more permanent place I will calibrate.

4. Enjoy until my next round of upgrading begins.

More Photos: I moved all the photo's off this thread to flickr, they can be seen here at http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

View of screen from behind the couch

Couch in transformed mode

Shaker installation

Screenshot from the Matrix (Pre-calibration, I won't be calibrating until I get my Doable screen hung)

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Here's the couch in transformed mode,...


Where are the pictures of you in "transformed mode"?

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Nice screenshot
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