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4 Keys to Perfect Speaker Placement

By Robert Archer
It takes more than just good equipment to deliver a quality audio system.

Consumers have sought, for decades, the Holy Grail of sound, encouraged by an endless list of manufacturers promising audio perfection.

The reality is that perfect sound is a myth created by the over-zealous audiophile market to drive consumer interest.

But it is possible to create an audio experience that eliminates some of the inherent problems typically associated with consumer audio.

Today, we have access to the finest speakers ever produced, modern tools and installation aids and educational resources that are backed by countless research projects that have examined the factors that affect home audio reproduction.

While some of this information is old-hat to the experienced, newbies should remember these 4 important rules that affect the pursuit of perfect sound.

Room Shape

Audiophiles have overlooked what is arguably the biggest variable in the home audio quality equation: the room environment.

Kary Wawrzyniak, product development expert for TruAudio, says installers must find out specific details about their clients' homes before the system is installed to ensure the best possible performance.

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