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I recently purchased the Onkyo TX-NR708, I had two primary reasons in deciding this was the receiver I wanted. It has turntable inputs and it has a dedicated 4 ohm speaker setting. I've got a pair of AR 91 speakers (4ohm) that I have been itching to hook up for years. I plan using them as my fronts and use a pair of Pro Dynamic 4 ohm's (rummage sale) as surrounds, until I can upgrade the surrounds. What I would like to have your opinion on is my center channel speaker. Can anyone recommend a good 4 ohm center speaker? I would like to keep it under $300.00. My thought was to maybe hook up two 8 ohms in series to achieve 4 at the amp. Would this be a good or bad idea? If the two 8's is an ok move, what would you recommend to use as the two centers? I would greatly appreciate any advice you may have. I guess the main thing I want to do is put my AR 91 speakers back into service but not if doing so will damage my new receiver.

Onkyo spec sheet can be found at there website, I was prohibited from posting a link due to me being new here.

Thank you for your support.

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