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So here's my situation, I'm rebuilding my apartment and I'm currently running the speaker wires. I'm wanting to have 2 speakers in my bedroom, kitchen, and patio. While at the same time I want 4.1 in the living room.

I want to be able to play the same source at all 4 locations, Being able to play different sources would be nice, but not really needed. I'm thinking of putting one of these at each of 2.0 locations.

If I need to then I can switch cables to get the 4.1 and by this I mean when I want surround sound I can swap cables and make it work if I need to.

So here's my question: What amp/amps do I need to make this work? I'm not rolling in it so really the cheaper the better or at least the best value.

Sorry if this is hard to read, I'm having a bit of a hard time keeping my head on strait right now.
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