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My new home will be ready in 3 months. I am hardcore fan for music and video. But i never let myself learn it upto details. I know there are many threads outside, but i dont know which one I should read to get a better start for learning

Please dont get irritated by repeated questions, if it posted somewhere, i cant find it particularly...

I am attaching the PDF of the basic layouts.

Components to be installed:

Onkyo 906, Sonicview HD8000,PS3, upconvert player, XBOX 360 -- in master cabinet - will be in Media room

Panasonic AE3000U projector - Aperion 7.1 system in Media room

Sharp 65" lcd tv - klipsch 5.1 speakers


1. I would like to see the Video and hear the Audio in my Family room.

how to connect the cables? what kind of cables I should run? Distance between family room and media room wiring will be 67' in length

2. Is it possible to play ps3 in media room, watch sonicview channels in family room?

3. Audio can also be changed as per question 2?

4. Zone 2 and Zone 3 wiring on 906 - can connect to 5.1 speaker setup? I am ready to buy amplifier or anything needed to do that.

my budget for my media room setup is around 9K , for whole house, i am ready to spend about $3k more for wiring - remote - stuffs, not including the speakers/display devices.

Please give me the right direction, I started searching in AVS for 3-4 weeks, still i didnt learn anything. Onething I learned is its possible to do whole house media system - for cheaper? I dont know


Master Media layout.pdf 15.6103515625k . file


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Since you're pressed for time, you may have to resort to paying somebody to help you.

Perhaps you can find a custom installer who will do some consulting for you, for design purposes.

CI business is very, very slow currently. Make some calls. Pay hourly. Some will do as much, or as little, as you want. Others will be more selective.
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