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Hi guys,

I'm intereated in buying a home theater to use with the bdp-s590, sky decoder and my 55hx750 but I don't have the space for a 5.1 system and the room is too asymmetric to place the surround channel in the right position.

So I think that a 2.1/3.1 system is the perfect choice and I have a budget of 400 €. Last week I heard an onkyo ls3100, and it has a good quality sound with a good sound stage for a 2.1 system but I worry about the poor connection that it have (1 coax 1 optic).. So I know that there is the hd22hxd that has the possibility to connect also a central speaker and has more inputs, but I don't know how it sounds and I don't have any possobility to hear it.

So, how is the ls3100 compared to other 2.1. System on the market?...is it the best for my budget?

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