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400$ for a new DLS-4000R, does it worth it?

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Hi guys.. I currently have a klipsch HT system in a pretty big room (open area, but the room doesnt really matters since I'm moving next year and I will have a smaller room for HT) and I want to add a sub. I could get a DLS-4000R for 400$. I use my HT 50% for TV/blurays, 45% for gaming and 5% for music. Does it worth the buy? Thanks guys..!

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If you could just go a bit higher, my guess is that this would be a better value

Plays lower and louder.

The other one that I might recommend is this

I would research those two. There may be more in that range but those are what come to mind now. I would try and research those.
Depends on what you want.

The DEQ15 rolls off starting at 40Hz and is 20dB down at 20Hz.

There is no way the DLS4000 will be better.

At close to $400 to the door I might go with something like this http://www.hsuresearch.com/products/vtf-1.html
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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