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400 Hour Drives for RTV5000/5500

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Many of you might remember that I tested the Hitachi 400GB drives some time ago and they worked with the RTV4000/4500 but they had incompatibility issues with the RTV5000/5500 series.

I just finished testing the Seagate 7200.8 400GB drives and they work great with the RTV5000/5500 series. Haven't tested them with the RTV4000/4500 but I will report back on the progress.
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How do the Seagates compare to the Maxtors as far as read/write noise?
There are only 2 400GB drives, Hitachi and Seagate. There are no Maxtors of similar size to offer a comparison.
My apologies if this is old news but I don't report on compatibility until I've had the drive running for a few weeks. I run several stress tests and monitor temperature through the test before I consider the drive to be "qualified" So far it's worked acceptably for about 4 weeks each in a 5040 and in a 5504. I've recorded to over 90% capacity on the drive, both in high and standard resolutions and it worked fine without a hiccup. I'll pop this drive into my test 4000 and 4500 shortly. If the drive fails to boot or be recognized by the ReplayTV unit, as in the case of the Hitachi in the 4000 and 4500 (where I tried several drives), I report the incompatibility immediately so no one will make the futile attempt.
We appreciate the extensive testing you do on the drives pu82.
Definitely wouldn't call this old news. PU82 (as well as Mikeyboy) usually is THE authority for hard drive upgrade compatibility. I definitely appreciate his testing on these drives.
Is this the drive?


Also, have you noticed a performance difference between the 5400rpm Quickview drives and this 7200rpm drive?

It save us many hours and many dollars of heartache
This is good news....I've been debating upgrading my 5160....though 250 doesn't seem to be a big enough leap.....but, 400GB was tempting....now hearing that the Seagate 400GB drive will work....makes it even more tempting...

The Dreamer
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