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I am new around here and am looking to achieve what seems to be the impossible, all while having no experience with projector systems.

I am a part of a small traveling company that puts on shows in various towns. We are looking to make a more dynamic show by having a rear projection screen that is roughly 40' x 20'. On top of that almost all of our shows are in a theater and therefore we only have roughly 8' to 10' between the wall and screen. Because the nature of our intentions we don't need flawless picture quality (we are displaying visual effects and some text), however it will need to stand up to having stage lights going. We are trying to find a better method than using LED display panels because of extreme cost and special equipment to run them, and our budget is roughly $10,000. We also have some big chameleon scrimms that the manufactures assures could be used as a rear projection screen. Is this true? If we can use these with our current rigging it would be most ideal, however screen reccomendations would be appreciated. Since I am the "tech guy" here I have been tasked to find out what I can and I need all the help I can get!

Details Breakdown:


Rear Projection

~40' x 20'

Short throw distance

Moderate picture quality

Stand up against stage lights

$10,000 budget (If this budget is rediculous, but if the setup can be done at another pricepoint I would love to know the specifics.)

I have no experience with projectors, and need my hand held through any technical jargon.

Hopefully there is some solution to this, but if it is just down right impossible then that is useful information too!
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