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4000 hd upgrade - asking for activation

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Let me rephrase my friend just lost his HD in his 4000 unit so I purchased a new 250GB drive for him to install. used my drive as an image. Did the rtvpatch and now I'm getting a service activation on a 4000 machine.

What do I do now?
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Just perform a net connect and all should be well...

By the way, you didn't need to use your drive as an image. You would have been better off downloading a known good image instead...

How can i do a net connect? 243 replay zones?

I have tried a soft boot and no luck. When I get in later I will try the 243 replay zones and the net connect from that. I just know when I click anything now it gives me that message.

Originally Posted by lawson23 /forum/post/16874725

How can i do a net connect? 243 replay zones?

Yes, 2-4-3-Zones and select Net Connect...

Thank you I will give it a shot.
You know, if you used your image instead of a downloaded image, I would perform a factory reset, 3-8-2-Zones, which should cause the 4000 to connect up and reload the activation. Otherwise, you have basically configured that 4000 the same as your 4000 and are just modifying the configuration...

a factory reset, 3-8-2-Zones

did the trick thanks!
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