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I've read quite a few threads et all. I had been leaning heavily towards the toshiba 40??550 but now I'm thinking about the samsung 40a650 or 40a750. I won't go into nitty gritty details what has been turning me off on the tosh.

Anyways I wanted folks comments comparing the 40a650 vs 40a750. From my readings it sounds like the 750 has a bit more than just the subwoofer.

It has a few 'cosmetic' junk (extra 'content' and stuff that means nothing to me).

It has slightly better build quality (someone mentioned that the frame on the 650 is glued and can sep. over time while the 750 is screwed).

It has a faster processor (some one mentioned that it had a dual 500mhz processor and handled pip better than the 650 single 300mhz).

It has a light around the frame (which some folks find annoying and others 'cool').

It is $200 or about 15% more which seems a bit but not horribly excessive.

Did I miss anything else significant between these two models - is the $200 worth the faster processor and slightly better (though still bad compared to tosh) sound ?

(the tosh looks pretty nice but I sort of prefer the higher contrast of the samsung and the tosh is a bit pricier through normal channels).
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