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40GB PS3 Blu-ray not reading discs

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I've seen a few other threads on Blu-ray failure, but now I've experienced my own. I've had my PS3 since just before the holidays last year, though I've only played two games on it (Ratchet & Clank and Uncharted). I do use it as a Blu-ray and streaming media player quite a bit, though. Love, love, love Blockbuster Online!!!

Anyway, I digress... Sunday my wife picked up MGS4 for me. It loaded, installed, and I played the intro and a bit of the first real mission before I died. When it was trying to reload the last checkpoint, it just hung. I tried to turn off the PS3 after about 5 mins or waiting, but it wouldn't turn off, so I had to use the power switch on the back. When I turned it back on, it wouldn't load the disc anymore. I tried all the tricks of reinstalling the OS, even with a full reformat, but no good. Then I stuck in some BD movies, and they couldn't be loaded either.

I guess I'll call Sony tonight or tomorrow about a swap or repair...

Oh well...ugh...
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