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42"1080 vs 50" 720p

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i have a chance to get in on some awesome open box deals at my local cc. for around the same price i can get the 42" panny 77u or the 50" samsung hpt 5054. on of these will be replacing the the sony 34" xbr970 in my room and there in lies the delima. at least until my lease runs out my viewing distance will be about 7-10 feet. i plan on moving into a 1 bdrm apt and moving my tv to the living room where the viewing distance will be 10-15 ft. so shoul di go for the bigger size or nicer resolution. i'm really leaning towards the sammy since i don't have blu ray (but thinking ab hd since they're so damn cheap) which would u guys choose?
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Here is a link to viewing distance. See if it makes sense in gettin 1080p 42 in your environment or not.
Definitely go bigger. You won't see any benefit from a 42" 1080p screen at your viewing distance.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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