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Thread title pretty much sums it up, I'm wanting a 42"-46" LCD TV 1080p TV for under $750 shipped and after taxes (I live in CA so it's preferable to avoid buying from CA retailers, thanks legislators!).

The LCD will be used for an apartment which will be used for media streaming from a WD TV (which is connected to my home server which streams 720p/1080p material mostly) and to video game consoles.

120Hz is a plus but not really necessary; if I do get a 120Hz TV, they should allow for disabling the 120Hz feature when watching a movie but turning it on for video games, right?

I don't particularly have any brand preferences, but from my understanding, Samsung and Sony are generally the better brands, Vizio being a mid-tier, and the other cheapo-kinds are to be avoided, right? As long as the panel itself isn't crappy and doesn't have significant issues I can forgive brand loyalties.

There are some listings on Craigslist for cheap LCD Vizios, but they seem kind of shady. If anyone has any experience buying from such vendors like the ones listed here , please let me know!

Thanks for all your help, guys!
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