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42" Plasma - Samsung vs Philips vs Dell

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I'm looking to buy a 42" Plasma and would REALLY APPRECITE your feedback.

So, far the list is:

1. Samsung HP-R4272

2. Samsung HP-S4253

3. Philips 42PF7220A/37

4. Dell W4201C

5. Panasonic 42PX60U

I've scratched the no.4 and 5 (Dell and Panasonic) and looking only at

Samsung, unilt recenltly I landed on above Philips model which got every

thing Samsung has + more!!


1. Between Samsung HP-R4272 & HP-S4253, which is NEWer model ?

2. The only diff b/w HP-R4272 & HP-S4253 is TWO HDMI ports in HP-S model?

3. Any experince with Philips 42PF7220A/37 ?

4. Between Philips and Samsung - which one ??

thanks (in advance)

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