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Hello, using an LG training center guide that I found I am about to open up our 42LG60 hoping that the problem we are having is blown capacitors which seem to be common and relatively easy to replace. The problem is the only function that works is on/off, and all that does is give a low glow to the screen. No sound, no menu responses of any type. No messages of any type on the screen. The problem was sudden, and my wife says describes the picture as going away with a zip/streak like fizzle. We had several brief power outages the same week but the picture going out was not at the immediate time that power was lost or restored. Any advice on what I should be looking and testing for? (and how to do that?!). The LG guide is quite detailed on what all the interior parts are, but no troubleshooting guidance. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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