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42pwd6uy & 42vp4

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I've been looking at plasmas for a while now and had pretty well decided on the Panny or the NEC - first choice was the Panny.

Finally got around to getting some prices from local (British Columbia) retailers and the Panny will cost 50% more than the NEC. It seems like the Panny is preferred by the members here but I just wanted to get opinions on whether or not it is worth that much more.

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Funny Nolan,

Looking around over here, we can buy the NEC VP4 cheaper than the Panny 6UY. The NEC has onboard DVI, without needing to buy an extra card for the slot, but its DVI isn't HDCP compatible so it will only accept a PC output, not a player's DVI output (lest I got it all wrong). Also, search the threads about picture issues, some panels work very well with some inupts (S-VHS, Composite, Component or DVI) but very badly with others. This just means that to reveal their potential picture quality you need to get them set up accordingly.

Hi Nolan,

I was all set on the 42pwd6uy, but after 5 weeks with not a Panny on the horizon, did my homework and switched to the NEC. You'll now have to pry the 42VP4 out of my cold, dead fingers. The 2 component inputs are stunning: I notice only a marginal improvement from DVI. The de-interlacer is exceptional, I truely cannot tell the difference between 480i vs. 480p on either component input. I am also very pleasantly surprised at SD PQ over composite from broadcast cable. The array of inputs is unmatched and each has its own memory for settings which are infinitely tweakable to taste (except VGA & DVI where only brightness, contrast and sharpness are adjustable).

Minuses: 1) Side-by-sides show the Panny to still have an edge in blacks. But unless you get them side-by-side I bet you couldn't tell. 2) 42VP4 does not do PIP 3) DVI is not HDCP-compliant. Elsewhere, pundits will summarily dismiss this as a deal-breaker, but a careful evaluation of your viewing habits is what really counts. We primarily watch DVDs so a Bravo D1 or Momitsu V880 works great. And RE: digital broadcast, the 42VP4 is an ED, not HD unit so unscrambled 480 is fine.

Bottom line: The Panny is a *terrific* unit. So is the NEC.
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The colors on the NEC appear to have better saturation than the Panasonic and that more than makes up for the difference in blacks, IMHO. Also, the NEC has an in-the-home warranty. I don't know if Panasonic does. Both are commercial models, so you'll have to purchase a mount or stand separately.
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