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Hi everybody-

I just purchased a panasonic 42x1 from newegg and am waiting for delivery.

I would like this to be the primary video device in this room for computer and entertainment. We dont plan to to attach a DVR or cable box. Everything will be off the web or OTA HDTV. We come upstairs with our laptops to the office to work and watch TV. I would like to have the panasonic display as a monitor with a 2nd external turner attached to the replicator for PIP.

I have been told this this setup can be easily accomlished with a docking station or port replicator. Has anyone done this and can you suggest hardware which will have the necessary ports?

Some of the the posts I have read refer to attaching the monitor via HDMI. Will I need a "transition" cable with HDMI on one end and something else on the other end?

I have searched the archives of this thread but have not seen any answers to whether you can hook up another tuner to the set in order to have picture in picture. does anyone have experience doing this and what tuner would your recommend?

Lastly, is the order of hookup any different from assembling a standard computer system? I've broken down and setup my system many times and would be following that process with this unless told differently here.

Thanks for any insight you can offer. This site has been really helpful, I intend to follow to the letter the, "break-in process" that is detailed for the tv.
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