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45004s and mini buttkickers

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Does anyone have mini buttkickers in their 45004s and if you do how are they mounted. Loooking to add a mini to one of my chairs ans see the effect. If they pass WAF then I will mount them in all chairs.
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I have mini's in my 45004's. If you flip the back flap up, look at the piece of plywood running horizontally between the chair's two legs....it will be wrapped in the chair's leather/vinyl. The mini is bolted to this piece of plywood directly behind it and slightly to the right.

FYI...if you are concerned that the mini's don't have enough power, don't be. I have the Buttkicker amp turned up only halfways (it drives 3 chairs) and these things definitely kick the chair's butt...
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Thanks Sifford. Are there hole pre drilled or did you drill them? Any chance of getting some pix for reference? thanks
Sifford, dont bother with the pictures, I think I found the holes. Two holes, right hand side from behind the chair about 6-7" apart, correct?
You are correct Sir. I had my mini's added when Berkline built the chairs. Nice to hear they pre-drill the holes! Also, the speaker wire mounts are mounted by cheap wood screws. Its attached directly in the middle and underneath the horizontal board. Have fun with your newly added feature.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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