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45TX vs. HK AVR 525

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I have it narrowed down to these two models. Is there anyone out there who have listened or A/B 'd both of these units?

Are there any features that I should note about either (besides the MCACC and Logic7)?

I have very efficient Klipsch RF3II mains.
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Triple X-Over and DVD audio bass manager in the AVR 525 are pretty neat usually not found on any other AVRs even at much higher pricing... ;)
How useful is Logic7 actually? Will I be kicking myself down the road for not getting this. The local Circuit City guy said it was a more advanced model of DPLII.

I really like the auto calibration and sound of the ELITE, but I do want to eventually upgrade to DVD-a/SACD. How essential is bass management?

Have not been able to listen to the HK with my speakers.

My system:

mains-klipsch RF3II

surrounds-klipsch ss-1

sub-SVS 2231 PCi

I really had my heart set on the Pioneer, but the Logic7 thing keeps drawing me back to the HK.
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Chris what are you going to be using the receiver for? If mostly for music, dvds or other hdtv. I would'nt worry about the logic 7 too much. However, if you are going to use it a lot for watching standard tv or other 2-channel videos then I would take that into consideration. The PLII is a big upgrade over prologic, but I think the L7 is much better.

My Marantz 7200 has its own processing called circle surround which I use to watch television exclusively over the PLII. I do think the L7 is slightly better sounding than the circle surround. Although I've only heard the L7 in my local hifi shop for about 15 minutes.

However, since I've never owned L7 i don't miss it. Also I have a feeling if all I ever had was PLII I wouldn't miss the circle surround that much.

According to UPS, my elite will arrive tomorrow. I'll let you know how it compares when converting 2-channel into quasi 5.1/7.1

Now the bass management feature that was the one that almost put me over the top. However, there were some other factors that led me to picking the elite.

I think what you have to do is just pull the trigger and enjoy your new receiver, whichever it is. At the 1000 price range they are all pretty comparable and they are all missing at least one feature that another one has.
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Some DVD players will provide the bass management for the DVD-Audio. My Denon DVD-1600 does. Now, it is a fixed crossover at 100Hz, and the variable crossover on the HK would be nice.

The HK does not do DTS 96/24. I know there is not much software out there yet, but I would expect that to change.

Have you considered the Denon AVR-3803? I've been considering these 3 receivers. I may have to go with the Denon AVR-2803 since I just made a major upgrade in speakers and am very short of cash.
The triple X-over is a really nice feature and will save you a couple hundred dollars not having to buy an ICBM later on.

As for Logic 7, I have it on my AVR 8000, and while it blows away pro logic Im not sure that it is THAT much better than DPL II or DTS Neo in a 5.1 setup.

Notice i said 5.1 setup. in fairness to logic 7, ive heard it shines in a seven channel configuration!. Gotta keep saving those pennies for a another pair of BP 2X's: to find out :)
Would Logic 7 work in a 6 channel config.? (i.e. one rear center speaker)

Also, I am going to be using this receiver for about 60% music/ 30% movies/10% tv.

I have the HK 525, I'm not sure if it has a 6 channel configuration, I'll have to check, from what I can remember from set up it's 5.1 or 7.1 (I think) -- I'm not sure if it has the connection for a single rear speaker, just a pair.

The manual is avaliable as a pdf file from the HK website.

- Rick

It would be a very tough decision between these two. I had the 520 and it was a fine unit. L7 was definitely better than DPL but I'm not sure about DPL2. DPL2 is very good on my 45 TX.

The MCACC on the 45 is really a great feature. The remote on the 45 versus the 525 is no comparision. The 45 is much better.

SOund wise betwen the 520 and the 45. The 45 is much better than the 520 was. But the 525?

I highly recommend the 45TX but I alos recommend you check out the 525 in detail.

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Both of these receivers were among the ones I looked at. I would pick the 45tx over the 525 in a heartbeat because of user adjustable EQ (MCACC not withstanding), but neither was my final choice.
You really can't go wrong with either of these two recievers!

- Rick
I own the 45tx and have been extremely happy with it. That being said, I will attempt to be as non-biased as possible.

The 45tx is a very capable surround sound receiver. It has enough power to drive quality speakers to reference level without distortion. It has dts-es, dd-ex, dpl2, neo6, 5ch stereo, and a few dps modes. The unit has 7.1 ins and outs, 7ch amplification, 2component ins, and enough a/v inputs for anything I could imagine. The 45tx is very quick to change sources and recognize singals.

The ease of using this receiver is hands down superior to any a/v receiver I have owned or auditioned. My inlaws are able to watch any source they want to now. I had a da50es and a Newcastle r-956. My mother-in-law was afraid to change the volume. Now, I'm not saying that it's a good thing that they can now control my a/v center, but it is a testament to the ergonimics of this receiver.

The HK-525 is a very nice unit as well. I auditioned it when I was considering the 45tx and it was a very respectable unit. The sound was rich and full and it had all the inputs I needed. I was not able to tell an audible difference between the units after a week of AB testing.

The decision to go with the 45tx was strongly influenced by its asthetics and its ease of use. I believe the Elites are among the finest looking equipment in their class, and my 7 year old son can turn it on and watch dvd, dbs, or vhs.
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I hate it when the post double prints my reply...I deleted the text as to not take up room.
Originally posted by RexCarson
Both of these receivers were among the ones I looked at. I would pick the 45tx over the 525 in a heartbeat because of user adjustable EQ (MCACC not withstanding), but neither was my final choice.
Rex, or anyone

I would really like to hear your opinion on the Sony 4es vs. the Elite 45? No flames from the flamers, please?

I'm down to these 2 units and would never even have considered Sony until I read all the great reports here (from real owners, not bashers)

Rex, If price was not an issue, would you still have bought the Sony? My main concerns are plenty of power and quality stereo sound.


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Rex, If price was not an issue, would you still have bought the Sony? My main concerns are plenty of power and quality stereo sound.
Price wasn't a big issue with me, but just another factor. I looked at receivers costing over $2000 in my search, but the advantages just were not there. If the Pioneer 45tx was the same price as the DAES, it would have been a closer decision, but I think I would have gone with the DA4ES. The DA4ES has plenty of power. In fact, I was going to buy a subwoofer or put in an infinite baffle subwoofer system, but have put that purchase off for now due to the power/bass I can get out of the Sony by itself.

Check out these threads:
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If your not an expert at setting up your room. You will love the 45.

The sound from the 45 has been tuned by Air Studios in the UK (I believe) and the MCACC is loved by 99% of 45, 47, and 49 users. All reviews of the Pioneer Elite receivers have been very very positive . Theres has been a great review of the 49 and another great review of the UK version of the 45. I highly recommend the unit.

However, in fairness, you really should check out the Denon 3803 and the HK 525. Also the HK 8000 can be had at a great price right now. Also the Onkyo 800/900 should be considered.

I wouldn't pick a Sony or Yamadog. But that's just me. I have many sony products I'm very happy with but I haven't been impressed by their receivers for some time. I just can't stand Yamaha because I'm an old dirt biker and I like to ride Honda. See how scientific that was!:)

Good Luck!

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I forgot to mention that I have had various models of motorcycles in my time, but I can honestly say that wasn't a factor. :D

I know - just pointing out there are many reasons why we make buying decisions. Some decisions are made and we don't even think about them unless we really get honest with ourselves. I just try to be a realist about why I make certain decisions.

It may be as simple as I like the "Elite" name in Pioneer Elite. Hell, I don't know but I'm smil'in! :) Wouldn't trade my 45 unless it was for a 49 TXi.

Oh, BTW - If your a motorcycle rider - I'm sure I'd like you. You went up a whole bunch in my book! Even if you did buy that dang Sony 4 E_xtra S_issy!



This forum is toooo much fun.........
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I didn't know you rode. I grew up in the mid 80's on a cr125. By the time I hit middle school, I traded up to a cr250. That was a sweet little 2-stroker. I had friends with older KZs and a buddy down the street with the rm250, but they couldn't hang with the torque and and power range of the cr. I've been out of riding since I went to college, but I still remember the dust in the air.

Yea nothing like it. The best I had was the Suzuki Quadzilla. 500 2 stroker racing 4 wheeler. Mean machine. wish I'd never sold it. Its a cult bike now worth more than I paid for it new.

My kids both have honda 4 strokers now and I have a rancher 4 wheeler. We hit the trails as much as we can during the year. It is hard with sports and all.

I remember that cr250. I always wanted one. Best of the class!

Now, I know why you got the elite receiver! Ha

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