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4800 vs 4805 questions...

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i currently have a 4800 that is appx 16 feet back mounted off a loft. due to the room having 20 ft ceilings this is the only place i can mount it.

the viewing distance is appx 14 feet.

i have the proj zoomed to the smallest size, and whle 16x9 is comfortable (actually i zoom it up sometimes) the 4x3 is a bit too large.

i bought it at costco not too long ago and i see that they have the 4805 now for only 200 more.

on the infocus site the image calculator seems to only show 16x9 sizes but it shows that the 4805 will have a slightly larger image.

but when viewing 4x3 will it leave black on the sides and then have a much smaller image than the 4800? this is what i am looking for

from reading here it seems that you guys would recommend uprading anyway?

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also, will i be able to just swap the two projectors on my current mount or are they different?

you can use the same mount but you won't be able to mount them in the same location since the offset is different as well as the throw (image size).

the 4805 image will be slightly bigger and a bit higher.

and yes, the 4x3 image will be in the middle of the 16:9 area.. your 4800 can do the same thing if you set it to 16:9 screen... it will then throw 4x3 images in the middle of the 16:9 area just like the 4805.

4805 is better than 4800 anyway so yes for $200 i'd say upgrade.
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