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4805 installation problem

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Hi all.

I ceiling mounted my 4805 yesterday and found that I instantly had a trapezoid image. All I did was ceiling mount the PJ, level it and set the keystone to 0. In order to get a straight image, I needed to set the keystone to 40!!!

I understand that the PJ has offset but I would have thought that mounting it and making sure it was perfectly level would mean that the image would be perfectly 16:9. Did I do something wrong or is this an issue with the PJ?
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The default number is 50. 40 means your wall / screen is a little bit off of plumb.
Many thanks for the reply!

So 50 is actually 0? Interesting.

I had only mounted the top brackets on the screen...I guess I'll be careful while mounting the bottom.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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