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I have a ceiling mounted 4805 that fires onto a Dalite HP 133, from 20 feet. I have total light control and have been thoroughly pleased with the IQ while watching movies. I am not bothered by the retroreflective screen characteristics of the HP. So, I intend to stick with it. I am looking for a 720 PJ with more lumen output for watching sports with the lights dimmed. On the large screen, the 4805 washes out too quickly for ambient light.

I am looking for comparable IQ. An increase would be great but it really is not necessary. What I need is a brighter 4805, but I guess that DIY option is not available. Something with a similar offset would be a plus. I could live with a little tilt correction.

I was searching for a chart of some sort with reliable 6.5K calibrated lumen figures, and offsets. If a chart like this is not available, any data on calibrated lumen outputs of 720s under $2000 would be appreciated. I can always check on offsets, but I think I am wise not to trust published lumen figures. I am a bit concerned because the calibrated 4805 put out near 650 lumens and the few seemingly accurate numbers for the new crop of 720s hovers around that number too. Hopefully, there is an option for me without having to shop from the more expensive forum.
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