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4805 upgrade: Ruby or Samsung 710?

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I have a 4805 with about 500 hrs on it and am considering an upgrade but it must be quantum- I don't want to feel the need to upgrade again for a couple of years or so.

I've seen the Ruby (poorly set up) and the Qualia (stunning) but not the 710-

can anyone guide me a little on this?

BTW- I have semi-light controlled room with an 100" Da-Lite HCMW screen ( the screen could be upgraded as well if really necessary).

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if you an afford either one go with the Ruby, i am not a great fan of the dlp's and there wheel noise and rainbows. but dlps do have great black level's. remember the ruby can display 1080p. good luck.
Since one is about 3x the price of the other (unless you are talking about the Smmy 800), it is no contest with the Ruby. The Samsung is a great 720p DLP, but it is not a 1080p LCOS contrast ninja the way the Ruby is.

What are the critical decision points for you?


I saw RBE with my X1 but not with 4805 so doubt this would be an issue with the 710.

And when you say wheel noise do you mean fan noise? It could always be quieter but even the 4805 which I think many view as loud is accetable to me- is the 710 the same, better or worse?

I realise this upgrade "sport" is inherently a diminishing returns exercise, but the 710 is about half the Ruby price- is the Ruby that much better ( I don't mean twice as good)?

I love film. The color saturation, depth, smoothness etc.

But also watch sports (F1, hockey, football) and select other mainly HD source material like Deadwood etc.

That said I am not hyper-critical the way some are here. I'm pretty happy with the 4805 but know that it is way short of other pjs (costing 4 to 8x more mind you).
I haven't seen the 710. However I have seen a couple of 3 chip dlps that were nicely calebrated and in the Ruby (~$10K) pricerange. I thought they were excellent, and was starting to wonder what all the fuss was about on the 1080p ruby. Then I went to a shop that had a ruby propperly calibrated. It looked like I was actually watching film. It was head and shoulders above everything I saw. Obviously there are other things to consider - but even at twice the price... I would be super tempted not to get a Ruby. In my opinion I would be super tempted to get a 1080p display in 6 months even if I had a 3 chip 720p let alone a couple years. I can't guarantee you something spectacular isn't coming in 6 -18 months... that's the nature of the game, but as I see it there is a reason the Ruby is the hottest thing going right now. If it's in your price range, go for it.
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