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I am playing around with Ubuntu and MythTV with a goal of creating a reference networked DVD player to feed an external processor (DVDO VP50). Part of my reason for trying to do this is that there is no product offering available today that delivers this scenario.

I would like to send DVD video completely unprocessed over a digital transport to the VP50. So I am trying to get my video card to send 480i over DVI. I am having a tough time finding any references to doing this. I've got the "ForceMinDotClock" option set in my xorg.conf to trick it to accept a 480i modeline with a dot clock in the range of 12 - 14, but it still doesn't seem to like the 480i modelines I've dug up.

A few of the modelines I am trying are

ModeLine "NTSC-DVD-59.94i" 13.5 720 736 800 858 480 484 492 525 Interlace

ModeLine "NTSC-DVD-60i" 13.514 720 736 800 858 480 484 492 525 Interlace

They don't seem to stick. In my Xorg.0.log file I am seeing messages such as

Not using default mode "NTSC-DVD-59.94i" (bad mode clock/interlace/doublescan)

I am using a Radeon 9500, and am open to using an Nvidia card or other video card if they are known to be able to be forced to output 480i timings over DVI.

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