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I just purchased a Samsung S2351W 23" LCD TV and I'm having some issues using progressive mode from my DVD player (Philips DVP642). I have the player hooked up into Component 2 on the TV. I also have a Samsung HD receiver hooked up via component cables and have not noticed any issues with it (regardless of what I set the resolution to on the back of the unit).

After switching into progressive mode with the DVD player, the TV usually works fine for a period of time and then starts displaying "not supported mode" messages. Sometimes it will still display the image but it will be jittery (image seems to shake up and down slightly).

After digging around a little bit, I noticed some reviewers on Circuit City's website mentioning that this set has a firmware issue and will not display 480p from DVD players (and possibly other devices) over component. This seems like a pretty ridiculous flaw for a TV to have...don't really know how that could go unnoticed in the quality control process.

Does anyone else own this set and know if this is indeed the case and whether there is a fix for it yet? If not, I'm guessing I'll be returning it and trying to find another set. Thanks for your help.
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