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$49 lg 32" 720p....

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$49 LG 32" 720p....

I still have an old CRT tv and Sony A/B receiver in the garage above the workbench. Use is mostly AM/FM and occasional game on tv. Needed HDMI to run spare firestick. Bought a $40 Sony 5.1 avr on Craigslist last week. Had enough old, unused JBL/Polk HTIB speakers/sub to fill it out. Searching this morning for a $100 32inch. Nothing really at Amazon or Craigslist. Good old Wallyworld comes through! Under clearance, and available at my local store, the last 32" LG 720P for $49...lol. Currently $146 at Amazon. I just hope it is new and works:D. Picking up later today.
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Maybe not a great deal afterall..

"Upon further review", it appears this set has NO output of any kind?:eek: Two HDMI in(no ARC), composite in, and a usb. Cancelled a few minutes ago.
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