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4K 120" image in 10 feet with lens shift

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I have a BenQ now and it does that distance, around 1.1 I believe.

The new BenQ only have one model HT3550? with that throw and it only lens shift in one axis like 5%. seems not enough to get the image perfectly centered.

The next model HT5550 has generous shift, but need to be placed way back which I really can physically use.

I don't really want a short throw either.

What are the 4K options right now?
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4K with shorter than average throw is already a rare combination. Adding extensive lens shift makes it a unicorn. Is there any reason why you can't mount a BenQ HT3550 in the proper position in relation to the screen to avoid using lens shift? Aside from lacking extensive lens shift it's the most recommended projector for throwing a 120" image from 10'.
I wanted a few inches of adjustment to get the image aligned.
My mount does not go up down or left right. I suppose I could loosen the screw of the mount to the projector to shift it along the slots. Seems like a hassle. the mount does have a little tilt but I don't know how much I can tilt without skewing.
I know my image shifted when it is warmed up.

My old one (HT4050) have 2.5% horizontal and 12% vertical,
the 3550 has only 10% vertical.

I did not know it is going to be that rare.. maybe a more versatile mount will compensate for this.

I was waiting for them to make something like a HT4550 but I guess it is not happening.
When the US version of the just-announced Epson TW7000/7100 hit, they should do it. They're the newer 4K versions of the 3100 and 3700 respectively which have a lot of zoom and hefty available shift. I haven't been happy with my BenQ TK800 after replacing an Epson 3000, so I'll be very interested when these hit the states.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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