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So here we are in Best Buy testing 4K TVs as computer monitors, and I am trying to get 4:4:4 color to work.

I realize it costs Best Buy if I keep buying TVs to test as computer monitors and then return them, so I asked at multiple levels up to corporate media relations if I could get permission to bring my computer into the store for testing on the display models. So here we are and I'm typing this forum post in the store on the sales floor.

TVs tested:
Samsung 65" Curved 4K UHDTV -- UN65JU6700FXZA
Samsung 65" Curved 4K UHDTV -- UN65JS9000FXZA1

Nvidia GTX 980 TI 6gb
50 ft High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet
10 ft High Speed HDMI cable

Latest NVidia driver for this card.

No matter what I try, I cannot get it to display correctly.

I can set the Samsung to UHD Color, which makes the NVidia control panel change to show me the advanced "RGB / YPbPr444" color options.

But the Samsung fails the 4:4:4 color image test and the red/blue text test. I get the same results I was getting with my old 680 GTX video cards.

Is there some other setting that needs to be changed on the TV to enable proper 4:4:4 60Hz 2160p color?

I am including the source test images I am using. Are these really the correct test images?

(This in-store testing has failed. I live 50 miles from Best Buy so this is a lot of hassle for me to be doing, but still better than buying the TV, dragging it home, and then having to return it, plus that costs the store money reselling it as an open box item.)


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Did you try renaming the hdmi input as PC? HDTV test seems to imply you need to do that for the U.K Samsung sets so maybe it's the same.
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