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About 2 weeks ago, I connected my Oppo 205 via network to access my ripped blue ray files from a Windows 7 PC

The Oppo can access all drives on the PC and plays all, or nearly all files in the Movies library on one drive. Files in that movie library show up via the Networked Oppo as avi files – although I believe they were ripped as Mp4

The Oppo can play (some) files on the other drive as well; but not all. Some of those files are Mp4, and the others have been ripped as avi, as I am trying to determine best file type for Oppo compatibility…

Also, files on the second drive are not appearing in the Movies library through the oppo even though they are included in the "movies" library on the pc

Oppo will not play the avi ripped files on the second drive, but does play some files ripped as mp4 on the same drive; while other mp4 files on the same drive show as unsupported .

The "unsupported" mp4 files on that drive do play the audio output normally -- but without video…

The Oppo will play some mp4 files, while other mp4 files are not supported that are located on the same drive…Not sure why

What is the best file type to rip blue rays for best quality that the Oppo can access and play?

Is there any other info that you could share re: network streaming with the Oppo and windows 7 pc that could help accelerate my learning curve.,.. smb1 is not activated

Thanks for any support or direction you can share

Sorry if I am posting in the incorrect location
Thanks for any support or direction you can share
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