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Look like 4k (UHD) is here
.. the question is, how fast media/streaming players 'd adopt 4k upconvert?

4k media players


Sony (FMP-X1) 4K media player - here

Blu-ray players upconverts to 4K


Samsung (BD-F7500) Blu-ray player upconverts to 4K - here

Sony (S790) Blu-ray player upconverts to 4K - here

“REDRAY 4k Player” for native 4k contents & 4K .RED files (& upscale to 4k) - here

4k TVs (UHD/ ULtra HD/ 2160p)


Seiki 50-inch 4K TV on sale - here

Sony released (55", 65" , 84" XBR) 4K Ultra HD TV - here

4k contents (native/ upscale/ delivery)


- Netflix demonstrated a possible streaming solution for 4K - here

- Sony has a native 4K distribution network in the works. Also released "mastered in 4K" Blu-ray discs that sourced in 1080p & upscaled back to 4K.

- Upscale non-4K resolution content to near-4K quality - THX-certified ICC Purios engine – Sharp "AQUOS UHD,"

I hope upscale to 4K via player or TV-set 'd get this 4k going ....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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