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4K Projector or 1080p Projector for 1080p content

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I'm in the business of buying a new projector for my living room, primarily for watching movies/gaming at night. I've got white walls with no direct sunlight coming in during the dayI have a throw distance of about 4m (13ft) so I could maybe go for 150-200inch with a ceiling mount. I'll be buying a screen since the white wall has visible wall paper separations.

I use the internet from my phone (100gb/month) so I'm not looking to download massive 4k movie files or sign a subscription to a 4k streaming service. So I imagine I'll be watching 1080P content exclusively. But maybe the 4k upscaling effect is worth it?
My budget is around $1000 (for the projector) so its either a 4k entry level projector or a higher end 1080P projector.
I used to own a crt projector 10 years ago and I loved the picture it produced. The most important factors to me is noise (I hate loud fans) and contrast. I was originally going to buy an oled tv but seeing how tiny my old 55inch LG tv looks like next to my massive living room wall made me get the itch to buy a projector.
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No projector in the $1,000 price range has great native black levels. With white walls you won't get great black levels anyway as cross reflections from the screen image to the white walls and back onto the screen will compromise blacks. With DLP models in that price range 1080p models tend to have at least slightly better black levels than 4K models.
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If you add a 4K BD player, you can view 4K BDs and upscale DVDs and BDs and it can upscale streaming content as well (depending on the country). A 4K projector such as the Viewsonic PX727/747, BenQ TK800/800M and Optoma UHD50 would be worth considering. Add some curtain rods and black drapes to darken the room for movie viewing.
I am assuming your aren't in the US but here a refurbished Sony 45es is available for slightly over your budget and is one of the quietest projectors available, fairly high contrast and great placement flexibility. I think 4K is a waste of money in your situation.
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