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5.1 Digital Audio HDMI-->TC-L42u25 Optical Pass-thru?

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I have my DirecTV receiver and Samsung Blu-ray hooked up to my Panasomic via HDMI, and the Panasonic optical audio out to my surround receiver (which automatically decodes Dolby or DTS on it's oprical/ coax inputs).


When I hook either of those devices up directly to the surround receiver, the surround gets propertly decoded just fine. But when I am viewing either of those devices on the Panasonic and connecting it's optical out to the receiver it only sees standard 2 channel PCM audio. 


I have tried all settings on the Panasonic menus regarding audio and cannot get the encoded 5.1 signal to pass through from the HDMI connection to the TV's optical output.


All this is assuming that the devices' HDMI outputs include the 5.1 audio signal in that connection.


And of course I can switch the receiver to the direct digital audio connection from the DirecTV or the Blu-Ray when needed, but that's an extra step I shouldn't have to take...


Any suggestions are appreciated!




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