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First Question

I have an Onkyo 606 and a PS3. I have two pioneer four-way left and rights. they are rated 30hz-20khz 150 watts. My center is a 3 way 35hz-20khz 120 watts. My surrounds are 3 way 32hz-20khz 150 watts. Now my sub, which is powered, states it only goes two 60 hz.

My current settings are

Center - Fullband

Fronts - Fullband

Surrounds - Fullband

Sub - 100 khz

^(calculated by Audessy)

Double Bass on. (My choice)

The pioneer floordstanders have the same "color" to the sound if anyone wants to know.

My sub is older and not part of the set but is still pioneer.

Im also in a pickle as my floorstanders go lower than my sub.

it sounds pretty good to me but i cant seem to find anything about fullband floorstanding 5.1 setups.

Does my setup sound about right to anyone given all pieces considered?

Second Question

I have an oppo 901hd i like to listen to cds with. I use the analog outs sending PCM to the onkyo. The oppo is set to downmix to stereo. The fronts are set to "Large" and sub is set to "on" with all other speakers grayed out on the menu. However for movies, HDMI is set to AUTO which i believe bitstreams the DD/DTS to the reciever for processing.

I recently discoverd "Direct Mode" on the reciever while listening to cds as described above. It didnt have that in-your-face sound, but there was loads of subtlety and depth to everything i put into the oppo cd-wise. When switching back to (i think its audessy) whatever the standard pcm 44.1khz cd 2.0/stereo mode on the onkyo it immediately sounded over processed and dense. Ive been using direct mode since.

Am i correct to use direct mode with full range floorstanders and double bass on with the oppo settings described? I realize that sound is purely subjective per listener. I just want to know if im doing the best i can with what i have.

Third Question (Just an afterthought)

Am i underpowering all my speakers /overpowering my 606 with the first question settings and all speakers on at once (like in a 48khz/96khz 5.1 movie or All Channel Stereo mode 44.1khz/96khz source)?

Thanks for your time whoever responds.

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First question:

If your speakers are set to fullband, LFE is turned off and all bass goes to the other speakers.

Throw away the sub and buy a real sub. Any sub that only goes down to 60 hz is a woofer, NOT a subwoofer.

Turn off double bass with a real sub.

Set all the other speakers to 80 hz.

Set the LFE to 120 hz.

Second question:

Analog outputs do not output pcm. They output .... analog. PCM is digital.

CDs are two channel. There is no need to down mix them.

Use whatever listening mode sounds best to YOU. I can't tell you what you will like best.

Third question:

As long as you are not playing back at outrageous levels, no.
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