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Hi everyone,


I'm new here, and here's the story. ..


I finally selected a "budget" set of speakers for our multi-purpose room, to use with an Onkyo TX-NR525 with Audissey EQ.  


The Energy Take Classic 5.1 seemed like a great fit for my budget.  However, there are serious decor issues.  Without going into too much detail, black speakers, no matter how good they are, simply won't do (I purchased the Take Classic 5.1 and am satisfied with them sound-wise, but they'll have to go back).


I remember back in the 90's, pretty good white 5.1 sets were easy to find.  Same with Silver sets about 10 years back.  However I can't seem to find much these days that's "acceptable" in white or silver. 


It seems all the decent stuff is black only these days...


(All I can seem to find in that general price range in white or Silver is the Bose Acoustimass... not so sure about those, though.   Maybe I'd like them.  I actually like Bose, but IMO there's no real substitution for driver/ enclosure size). 




(Edit- I see the Bose acoustimass system is more of an "all-in-one."  I have a very odd room shape and prefer to work with the Onkyo due to the Audissey calibration and control it gives me). 
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