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I'm looking at Polk speakers. I know I'm getting RTi A5s for my front speakers for sure. I'm not necessarily going for something loud, I just want great sound quality. I'm wondering if for my center speaker I should get the CSi A6 or save a bit of money and get the CSi A4. Would the RTi A5 overpower a CSi A4?

Also, for my surrounds, I'm trying to decide between a pair of FXi A4s or FXi A6s. I'm leaning towards A4 because I think the A6s would be too bulky for where I want to put them, but would the A4s get overpowered?

My receiver can set the dB level of each speaker, could I just decrease it on the A5s and increase it on the smaller speakers to balance them out?

By the way, I have a Pioneer VSX-522-K. I may upgrade someday, but I probably won't if I don't have to. As far as I know the only thing that really appeals to me from upgrading is more HDMI ports and component ports.
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