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5.1 Suggestions needed for my setup

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I have a room that is approximately 12 X 25 with the seating area about 12 feet away from the wall / tv console where the tv will live. Originally I was going to do inwalls for all the speakers and mount the tv to the wall but found this great tv console that I can put the TV on.

Now I would love to find a setup where I would have normal speaker for fronts and inwall for my surrounds. I am interested in a budget system not spending more that $600-700 for the speakers not including the sub. I recently purchased the Marantz SR 4002 based on great reviews on this site and now I am looking for some guidance here.

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Not sure where you live - Buffalo NY? Take a look at
these speakers - they come with the center too.

Shipping might be high but if you live nearby it might be something to consider. A pair of these with center sold earlier today for under $500. You can't buy new speakers this good for that kind of price.

I don't understand why people will let speakers like this slip by and buy new speakers that are half as good for the same price or more.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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