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I'm looking to set up a decent speaker system for my HT. Music SQ is much more important to me than Movie SQ, so I'm looking for speakers that handle music well. My listening is 45% classical, 45% rock and 10% jazz. I'm looking for 4 tower speakers with good bass extension for the fronts and surrounds. I would consider a tower speaker for the center as well if it would give me better SQ. My primary music system will be a Pio Elite 79AVi connected via iLink to a Pio Elite 84TXSi. I'd like to spend about $5000 on speakers, and I need a subwoofer as well.

I can't really give any room details as I am a student living in apartments right now. I plan to have a dedicated music/theater room in a few years once I have a house, but for right now I can't do much in the way of room treatments and the like.

What should I be looking at? Klipsch, Vienna Acoustics, etc? Thanks in advance for any help.
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