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I'm currently running an Onkyo/Polk audio 5.1 configuration in my living room used for tv, movies, gaming, and music. After a recent furniture move i realized i had the space and a pair of speaker stands available to make a 7.1 configuration. Looking for help on rear surround speaker decision.

Current components:

Onkyo reciever tx-nr3007

Polk RTI 12 front mains

Polk CSI A6 center

Polk FXI A6 surrounds

Old radioquack subwoofer, soon to be replaced with Epic Empire

I'm leaning toward a directional type speaker but havn't ruled out another pair of FXI A6's. I'm looking at RTI A3 f or even the old RTI 6 to match my RTI 12's. Also not sure if the larger woofer is needed for rear surround or if I could get by with something like the RTI A1.Any input will be much appreciated, please see images below for current room layout.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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