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5.1 with hdmi 1.3 - does a reciever exist?

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I really just need 5.1 on a receiver with at least 3 hdmi 1.3 ports (can carry audio and video for 1080p), and a second 2 ch zone would be nice.

I was looking at the Integra which is 7.1 thx... is it easier just to get a 7.1 and just use a 5.1 setup?

Do I have many options for 5.1 with hdmi ports?
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I doubt it but it doesn't matter. You don't have to use all 7 amplifiers. You can use just 5 them. That's what I do. Honestly, I don't think HDMI 1.3 matters either.
Just get a 7.1 receiver. On some of them you can use the extra two channels for Zone 2.
Given that all channels share a common power supply in most receivers, you are not wasting much using a 7.1 receiver with a 5.1 speaker setup. You will have more power available for each of the five speakers than you would if you used seven speakers.

Originally Posted by afrogt /forum/post/14117006

Just get a 7.1 receiver. On some of them you can use the extra two channels for Zone 2.

I do have a 7.1 right now, so I guess I am fine with it for now.

I am going to try using the extra 2 channels for a zone. Neat idea!

I have these KEF speakers that have all the surround drivers in 2 enclosures and I never know which 7.1 wire choice to pick. Side Speakers or Back for 5.1?

I did find that Cambridge Audio makes 5.1 and 6.1 receivers with hdmi inputs as does NAD but they are a bit more money than the mainstream brands.
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