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i have dish hd dvr 720p and my barco runs great for that. im tempted to get a blueray drive for my htpc and try some higher resolutions out on it. i also play games on my computer in 5:4 ratio and get imho the sharpest/brightest pictures out of it.

1. to get the sharpest picture out of my bg808s has anyone tried running there crt at its native 5:4 aspect ratio?

if i crop off the sides with my scaler using a custom resolution in theory i would have the highest number of sharp scan lines/pixels possible.

it wouldn't be 1920x1080 but i would settle for a real sharp 1350x1080(1,458,000 pixels). possibly the best my machine can do, more phosphor usage than 1600x900. if the machine is rated for 1200x1600 maximum then wouldn't the highest it would actually resolve (by using custom rez with scaler) be 1600x900? 16:9(1,440,000 pixels, 60hz). and 1600x1280 5:4 (2,048,000 pixels, 60hz). tobad blueray isnt 1280p so i could crop it lol.

2. would i be better off to stick with 1080x1350 to keep from having a ruined picture due to rescaling? or let the computer scale it down to 1600x900?

3. last question to you g90 and 909 owners, for 5:4 computer games couldnt you run 3200x2560(909) and 2560x2048(g90) 60hz?
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