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5 Awesome Light-Speaker Combos

By Julie Jacobson
Cool light/speaker combos featuring beautiful designs, excellent audio, and bright lights.

It's a light! It's a speaker! It's a light speaker!

Although LightSpeaker is the registered trademark of Klipsch, several other vendors fit the bill.

During the recent Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam, a few European companies and at least one American manufacturer demonstrated high-quality speakers that double as light fixtures.

The concept isn't new.

One of the best real implementations so far has been Soundolier's Duo wireless speaker lamp, introduced in early 2007. It's still on the market for $300 plus a $100 wireless transmitter.

Detoma Aluminum Pendant and Wall-Mount Speaker Lights

In what may have been the highlight of Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), DeToma of Germany demonstrated some stunning LED light fixtures that also house active speakers. The Duo 2 aktiv is a pendant light with four LEDs. One cable has the speaker wire and one has the power.

Detoma Outdoor Speakers

In addition to its Duo aktiv line of powered indoor speakers, DeToma offers the new Terno 700 outdoor tower speakers with 4 LED lights. They feature the same aluminum construction and 36-degree omnidirectional speaker as their indoor counterparts.

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