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5 Leading A/V Receivers

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5 Leading A/V Receivers

By Robert Archer
Here are five receivers from the CE Pro 100's favorite receiver manufacturers.

A/V receivers are one of the most scrutinized equipment choice by clients.

Consumers have been conditioned by mass-market advertising campaigns for years, distorting facts about power ratings, signal quality and other factors.

This has forced installers to reset client expectations for the A/V receiver category by separating fact from fiction.

Here are 5 Leading A/V Receivers.

Integra DTR-20.1

Integra topped the A/V receivers on the CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis for the second straight year. The DTR-20.1 is a 5.2 receiver that delivers 90 watts per channel and has two-zone capabilities, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

Denon AVR-3808CI

The mid-priced AVR-3808CI is a full-featured receiver rated to provide 130 watts to each of its seven channels.

The THX Ultra2-certified unit also includes THX processing options for gaming, movies and music and a complete selection of multichannel DSP processing modes.

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