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5 Popular Flat-Panel TVs

By Robert Archer
We've rounded up the CE Pro 100's five most used flat-panel TV brands.

Flat-panel TVs were super expensive years ago, offering nothing but pure aesthetic value of having a TV hanging on a wall.

How things have changed.

Flat-panel TVs have sent CRT TVs packing, and rear-projection TVs (RPTVs) don't appear too far behind.

According to the CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis, the five most popular flat-panel TV brands are: Sony, Pioneer, Sharp, Samsung and Runco.

Here are 5 Popular Flat-Panel TVs.

Sony KDL-40VE5

Part of Sony's VE5 Series, the 40-inch KDL-40VE5 is backboned by micro-tubular Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (HCFL) technology and consumes nearly 40 percent less energy than standard LCDs.

Other features: Bravia Sync, 24p True Cinema, four HDMI inputs and a favorites menu.

Pioneer PDP-5020FD

If you want to buy a Pioneer Kuro plasma, buy it now because Pioneer is ending its TV production.

Kuros are considered to be the best TVs on the market. Features include: 1920 x 1080 resolution, four HDMI 1.3 inputs and home media gallery connectivity options.

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