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5 Pre/Pros to Bolster Home Theater Performance

By Robert Archer
Here are five pre/pros from the CE Pro 100's most popular pre/pro brands.

But pre/pros are less mainstream than A/V receivers because of their cost and the added labor they require to install.

When compared to the workman-like features of an A/V receiver, however, pre/pros offer several step-up qualities. For example, many high-performance manufacturers offer modular designs that allow for upgrades, as well as software-based firmware and flash memory upgrades.

According to the CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis, the top 5 preamps/processors manufacturers are: Integra, Lexicon, Rotel, McIntosh and Denon.

Here are 5 Pre/Pros to Bolster Home Theater Performance.

Integra DHC-9.9

The DHC-9.9 has three-zone capabilities, THX Ultra2 certification, Imaging Science Foundation's Certified Calibration Controls (ISFccc) video options, Silicon Optix HQV Reon-VX video processing and Audyssey Dynamic EQ.

Rotel RSP-1570

The RSP-1570 preamp/processor has everything a theater enthusiast will need to control a modern system.

There are four HDMI 1.3a inputs, Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio decoding, Faroudja video processing, 1080p/24fps compatibility, four-zone compatibility, transcoding to HDMI, RS-232 for integration into a control system, 12-volt triggers for automation and rear-panel IR ports.

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