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5 Rockin' Bass Guitar Demos

By Chris Brunhaver
Five songs that bring the sound of the electric bass to the forefront of any demo.

Bass guitar players, in most forms of music, lay the foundation for a song by playing supporting, groove-oriented patterns.

There are, however, a number of songs where the bass is a primary melodic and harmonic contributor.

These songs are not only fun to listen to, they can be great tools for setting up a stereo or home theater and assessing its performance.

S.M.V. "Lil' Victa" from the album "Thunder"

This group is made up of the jazz/funk bass legends Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten. Thunder is sort of the electric bass equivalent of the Superbass album from Christian McBride, Ray Brown and John Clayton.

This track is very musical and harmonically rich and dynamic, considering all you're hearing are three bass players and percussion.

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones "More Luv" from disc two of "Live Art"

This live recording highlights this eclectic group (a trio of banjo, electric bass and drums) playing everything from bebop to bluegrass, while being joined by guest instrumentalists and vocalists.

On this track bass player Victor Wooten, known for his funky and flashy slap technique, takes on the simple melody and elaborates on it with two-handed tapping and a call-and-response improvisation.

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